Registration Overview

Pan Asia Model United Nations 2016 is open to current undergraduate students, graduate students, and students who are currently enrolled in a post-secondary institution. Prospective delegates may participate as a single delegation or double delegation. If you are an overseas student who does not study at a Taiwanese university or post-secondary institution, you may register as a part of a school delegation.

This year, PAMUN 2016 is introducing a new registration option: Group Delegation. The option is available to any prospective delegate. Please do not hesitate to contact us at should you have any question or concern.

Registration Dates and Fees

Early Registration: May 2 to Aug 9, 2016 (or until available spots are filled)
Regular Registration: August 9 to October 10, 2016
Early Registration fee: NTD $3800
Regular Registration fee: NTD $4200

Registration Form

Every delegate, regardless of your registration option (school delegation, group delegation or a double delegation), is required to fill out the Delegate Registration Form on KKTIX to complete the registration process. Registration and payment information will be processed and delivered through the KKTIX system (


PAMUN 2016 provides an online room booking service for delegates who need hotel accommodations during the period of the conference. Through the online room booking service, delegates will received a special price for the reservations. If you are interested in booking hotel rooms through the booking service, please kindly refer to the Accommodation page for more information.

Invitational Letters

For delegates who require a proof of attendence for Visa applications, PAMUN 2016 provides Invitational Letters to assist you in the procoess. For further information, please contact us via e-mail at

Delegate Registration

Every delegate, regardless of your registration option (school delegation, group delegation or a double delegation), is required to fill out the Delegate Registration Form on KKTIX to complete the registration process. Once the form is completed and submitted, the delegate will receive information regarding payment. Please note that the registration will not be considered completed until all fees are paid in full. Please go to Payment Information page for more information.

If you have any question regarding the Taiwanese Visa application, please contact us for further information via e-mail at

Double Delegations

A double delegation consists of two delegates who represent the same country in a committee. All delegates who wish to participate as a member of a double delegation must find their partner before registering for the conference. Delegates who fail to include the name of the partner in the registration form will be considered as a single delegate. Please ensure that you and your partner do so when completing the registration form.

School Registration

If you are a oversea student who wishes to register as a member of a school delegation, please go to School Delegation for more information. The option of registrating as a member of a school delegation is only available to a student currently studying overseas.

Group Delegation

PAMUN 2016 employs the Group Delegation (GD) system. Members of a Group Delegation will represent the same member-state in different committees available.

Financial Aid

PAMUN 2016 has been doing our best to support any prospective delegate who might be unable to attend the conference due to financial difficulties. This year, we have garnered sufficient donation to provide as many students in need of financial supports as possible. Please upload any proof of your family’s financial confition along with the registration from on the KKTIX system when you register for the conference. Your delegate fee will be fully subsidized, if we confirm that you are qualified for the Financial Aid program.

Please apply as soon as possible. We only plan to provide subsidies for 20 outstanding students who have limited financial resources. For more details regarding the program, please contact us at

Single and Double Delegation Committees

In the eight committees we offer this year, some of them only offer the option to participate as a member of a double delegation. Please check for more details below:

Committees with both single and double delegations:
ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF)
Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC)
Food and Agriculturel Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM)
United Nations Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC)
International Bureau of Education (國際教育局)

Committees with only double delegations: United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

Special Committees

For delegates who are interested in applying to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) or International Bureau of Education (國際教育局), an extra application essay is required. Please download the application form enclosed below, which includes more instruction on how to complete the application process.

UNSC Application Download
國際教育局 Application Download


> 確認您所在的城市是否開放赴台自由行
> 赴當地出入境管理局辦理《大陸居民往來台灣通行證》
> 委托旅行社並赴當地出入境管理機構,簽署入台通行證
> 了解本地赴台機票種類、價格,並且提前預定
> 了解台北市內交通方式,以及從住處到達會場的路線,並預估所需時間
> 安排會議期間及會後行程

School Delegation

Overseas students may register as part of a school delegation. Instead of communicating with each delegate individually, important information of the conference will be directly sent to the Head Delegate of a school delegation. There is no advantage or disadvantage on registering as part of a school delegation, and it will have no impact on your country assignments or committee sessions.

School Delegations are only available to delegates who are studying at a post-secondary institution outside Taiwan. Any delegate currently studying in Taiwan, full-time or as an exchange student, may not register as part of a school delegation. If you are the only delegate coming from your school outside of Taiwan, you should register as individual delegate. Please go to Delegate Registration for further details. If there are any question regarding hotel booking, visa application, and pre-conference planning, feel free to contact us

Head Delegate

Every school delegation must designate one delegates as the Head Delegate. All important conference information will be communicated to the Head Delegate, so s/he is responsible for coordinating the pre-conference preparation within the team. During the registration process, a Head Delegate needs to complete an additional form to register everyone to a school delegation. Please do not complete this form before all members of your school delegation have successfully registered.

School Delegations: May 2 to July 20, 2016
Country Assignment: July 31, 2016

School Delegation Application Download

Group Delegation

To provide delegates with a comprehensive experience, Pan Asia Model United Nations 2016 adopts the Group Delegation (GD) system, where a group delegation, consisting of 6-14 delegates, represents one member-state of the United Nations in every committee during the conference. The Delegation may inform us its country preferences by emailing us. Please kindly note that International Bureau of Education (國際教育局) is not an available option.

Group Delegations: May 2 to July 20, 2016
Country Assignment: July 31, 2016

Group Delegation Country Assignment Announcement

Sincerely appreciate for all applicants' patient. PAMUN Group Delegation Country Distribution is now officially announced!

Group Delegation Application Download

Benefits of Participating as a Group Delegation

1. Participate Pan Asia Model United Nations 2016 as a team.
2. Experience a more comprehensive and realistic diplomatic experience as a Permanent Mission to the United Nations.
3. Receive an earlier country assignment based on the preference of your Delegation.

1. Registration for Group Delegation

In the registration form, please pick the option “Group Delegation” and specify the name of the Head Delegate. If you are the Head Delegate of your Delegation, please fill in your name in the head delegate column. Please note that you should use your passport name while registering for the conference. Students who wish to apply for the United Nations Security Council of Citi Pan Asia MUN 2016 are required to submit an application essay to the Dias. Admission is not guaranteed.

請在報名表單中選擇您的報名身分為Group Delegation,並推選一位Head delegate-團長作為代表團與PAMUN的主要聯絡對象,代表團的每一位成員都須於表單中填入團長的的「英文護照名」,團長則填入自己的姓名即可。請注意,欲代表出席United Nations Security Council的團員,請一併上傳申請書供主席團審核。

UNSC Application Download

2. Payment

Applications as a Group Delegation will be reviewed only after all the members of your team have completed their payment. Head delegates are advised to coordinate with your team members to ensure that every payment is processed.


3. Order of the Country Preference

If you are a Head Delegate, please fill out the additional application form to confirm the members in the delegation as well as country preferences. Please download the application form below and email it to after all of your members complete registrations.

團長請於下方下載Group Delegation申請表格,填寫每位成員的基本資料本以及國家志願序,並於每位團員皆完成報名後寄至

Group Delegation Application Download

4. Allocation of Committees

A head delegate is responsible for assigning her/his team members to committees available after receiving the country assignment. Please kindly note that each committee can accommodates up to two delegates per delegation team. Moreover, the Head Delegate is required to retrun the list of her/his delegates, along with the information about the corresponding committee, to Department of Delegate Affairs ( ) on time. Head Delegates who fail to do so on time will not complete the Group Delegation registration successfully, and Citi Pan Asia MUN 2016 reserves the right to reject the Group Delegation Application and accepts members of your delegations as individual applicants.

獲得國家與可參與委員會的通知後,請團長將每位成員以單或雙代表的方式分配至各委員會中,並於期限內將最終分配表寄至 。請注意,每個代表團最多僅能推派兩名成員至一個委員會中。未於期限內分配完成者,主辦單位保留權利解散代表團並視成員為獨立報名。


Delegate Fees

Early registration fee (5/2 - 8/9): NTD $3,800
Regular registration fee (8/9 - 10/10): NTD $4,200

Payment Process

1. For every delegate:

Credit card

2.For Taiwanese delegates only:

ATM transfer Cash (Further information will be announced via our Facebook fan page)

All fees will be processed through our registration service provider, KKTIX. Delegates must complete their payment within 7 days after submitting the registration form. Registration is not considered complete until payment is made on time. Delegates failing to do so are required to submit the registration form again..


1. 適用於國內及國外代表:



銀行轉帳 現金 (僅適用於國內代表,依公告時間地點為準,或可來信詢問) 請於填寫報名表後七天內完成付款,未付款者將由系統自動取消報名資格。

Financial Aid

1.Subsidies: Full amount
2.Application: Fill out the registration form on KKTIX and upload any proof of your family’s finanacial condition to the attachment of the application form.



Hotel Booking Service

After completing the registration process, delegates may book their accommodation at a discounted price from our sponsored hotel. We will be in charge of processing your requests and payments. Please check the Accommodation page for more details.


Please read through our Conference Policies for more details regarding our refund policies.

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